local attractions


        Paiute ATV Trail

          The Trail spans 900+ Miles through Central Utah's fantastic scenery. Dirt Wheels magazine rated the Paiute ATV Trail as one of hte top 10 trail systems in the country and many riders consider the Paiute Trail to be the Top US Trail.

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        Great Western ATV Trail

          It incorprates stunning desert and canyon landscapes, plateaus, woodlands, desnse forests and alpine meadows. It links 18 National Forests and encompasses the most diverse vegetation, and wildlife in the western United States.

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        Fish Lake

          Fish Lake is a large natural lake, six miles long and one mile wide, situated 8,800 feet up in the heavily forested Fishlake Mountains. The lake is a bit too cold for swimming, but there is good fishing for large lake trout. Although Splake and Rainbow trout are commonly taken, the lake is especially famous for its 20, 30, and even 40-pound Mackinaw lake trout.             Click here to learn more


        Blackhawk Horse Arena

          The facility is great for any event and offers comfort for all who choose to participant. There are lighted and covered stables within the arena and a trail adjacent to the property to assure that the animals are taken care of correctly. Rodeos, firework displays, horse shows, concerts and other events and activities take place throughout the year.